Lean Innovation Governance

A better way to visualise and manage the innovation funnel

The old plan-invest-execute process

Corporate investment decisions are often only made once per year by going through a list of business case documents. Once a decision has been made to support a business case, the team quickly shifts focus to blindly execute the plan. To mitigate the investment risk, the team is asked for very regular (weekly/bi-weekly) reports, (monthly) steering committee status updates meetings, combined with numerous progress plan related funding decision gates.

The likes of Steve Blank (The Four Steps to the Epiphany), Alex Osterwalder (Business Model Generation > Canvas), Eric Ries (The Lean Startup), Ash Maurya (Running Lean) … and many, many others … have since successfully highlighted that this process is littered with problems, with one of the biggest flaws being that it all starts with a “business case” based mainly on assumptions rather than reality (and the reality changes fast too).

The new do/learn-decide culture

Moving from a yearly …

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